Vintage Stonehenge photos recreated

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The ancient monument of Stonehenge has entranced and intrigued visitors to England for thousands of years. You may no longer be able to get close enough to clamber over the stones, but it’s still a national icon and a universally recognized symbol of Britain.

Now, to mark 100 years of these striking stones being formally owned by the British public, charity English Heritage is taking a look back at photographs of Stonehenge visits in days gone by.

English Heritage, which manages over 400 of England’s famous historic houses and monuments, invited several families to come and recreate old snapshots from the 1950s, ’60s and ‘70s.

The resulting project is both seeped in nostalgia and looks forward to Stonehenge’s future.

Back to the future

Bob Heyhoe at Stonehenge in 1960, aged 18.

Brit Bob Heyhoe was contacted by English Heritage after he posted a photograph on Facebook of himself as an 18-year-old recent Royal Air Force recruit, admiring the stones on a summer’s day in 1960.

“When my mother died I found that photograph in her possession,” Heyhoe tells CNN Travel. “I didn’t even know the photograph existed.”

Heyhoe remembered the day out though – vividly – and looking at the image instantly transported him back to his youth.