The world’s best hotel restaurants

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Hotel restaurant nominations came from six continents

Hotels had to have at least 15 rooms to be included on The Daily Meal's list

Experienced food writers and critics voted on the list of nominations

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They’re hardly known for exciting dining. Historically, they’ve been a last-ditch option driven by fatigue and convenience.

But hotel restaurants have come a long, long way.

The Daily Meal’s list of 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World was announced Tuesday. To be considered, the hotels had to have at least 15 rooms, and the restaurant had to be part of the hotel. (Restaurants just a few feet from the hotels didn’t make the cut.)

The top spot went to é by José Andrés at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The United States had 20 restaurants on the list, with Las Vegas taking three spots in the Top 10.

“It’s no news that Las Vegas today has many of the best, most exciting restaurants in America – especially on the upper level of dining,” said Colman Andrews, The Daily Meal’s editorial director, via e-mail. “We know many people who now go to Las Vegas primarily to eat and relax, never setting foot in a casino except to pass through on the way to the next great meal.”

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Europe dominated the list with 26 restaurants, while North America came in second place (with 20 restaurants from the United States and five from Canada). Asia and the Indian Ocean/Pacific Ocean regions had 24 venues on the list, while the rest of the world followed: Caribbean/Central America, nine; South America, five; Africa, nine; and the Middle East, three.

Andrews and travel editor Elsa Säätelä chose nominees on six continents, including more than 50 countries and more than 80 cities. They invited 12 experienced food writers and bloggers, restaurant critics and other lifestyle writers – who also got to nominate their favorites – to vote anonymously for their top picks.

“We did not discriminate on location; no island, nation, or province was off the table,” Säätelä said in a statement.