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No cannons allowed on board: The TSA's extraordinary Instagram account

Daisy Carrington, for CNNUpdated 24th October 2018
(CNN) — Trying to board a plane with a loaded gun, grenade or cannon in one's carry-on is a pretty bone-headed move, one you'd assume most travelers would know to avoid.
Unfortunately, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confiscates thousands of weapons from carry-on luggage each year (the agency discovered 2,212 guns in 2014 alone).
The TSA, which as part of the United States' Homeland Security Agency faces a possible shutdown this week, posts photos of some of its most memorable confiscations on its Instagram account.
While informative (did you know you could carry pecan pie through security?), the account is equal parts terrifying and hilarious, thanks in part to a deadpan, often tongue-in-cheek writing style.
Not quite as state-of-the-art as some expended weaponry that the TSA confiscates, but this cannon was still a no-no when found in checked luggage.