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The countries welcoming US tourists now -- and some resources for your visit

Forrest Brown, CNNUpdated 18th January 2022
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Editor's Note — CNN Travel updates this article periodically. It was last updated in its entirety on January 17.
(CNN) — Throughout the pandemic, US passport holders have seen an ever-morphing list of international travel options.
The only constant has been change. But compared with the choices in the spring and summer of 2020, the choices now are plentiful -- even as the Omicron variant of the coronavirus sweeps the world.
In the end, it's up to you to decide whether travel to international destinations is a good idea.
The health risks are obvious if you're not fully vaccinated. Many venues and events of interest to travelers are imposing restrictions or canceling outright because of the most recent Covid-19 surge. Nations might change their rules with little notice after you've made plans or you're already on your trip. You might have to adhere to stricter curfews and mask mandates than you're used to in the United States. Violations could involve big fines and even jail time.
The US State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide risk assessments by country to help you decide.

What to find out before you go

What follows is a curated list of countries and territories, alphabetically organized by continent or region, where US passport holders are allowed entry for leisure travel.
Click the links by each destination for crucial information on:
Whether you're required to be fully vaccinated to enter. Some countries on this list accept only fully vaccinated Americans.
Possible exemptions from various rules for the fully vaccinated, people recovered from a recent case of Covid-19 or children.
Presenting negative results from Covid-19 tests to enter, including time limits to take the test, types of tests allowed and additional tests upon arrival.
Possible quarantines and durations as well as health screenings upon arrival.
Health insurance requirements, curfews and lockdowns.
Different rules if you're arriving from a third country vs. the United States as well as rules for land and sea entry, which might differ from air arrivals.
What safety rating the CDC gives the destination
The links to various government and tourism sites next to each country will help you gather the most current information for your journey.

Africa (sub-Saharan)

Kenya Giraffes
In East Africa, Kenya is popular for safaris, where you can spot giraffes and other wild animals.
Africa offers a huge variety of travel options -- outdoor adventures in just about any climate and a wide array of cultures and urban experiences. There are 54 countries on the continent -- each with its own response to the pandemic. The nations of northern Africa can be found in the Middle East and North Africa grouping further below.


In Thailand, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple sits atop Doi Suthep Mountain and offers exceptional views of the city of Chiang Mai below.
In Thailand, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple sits atop Doi Suthep Mountain and offers exceptional views of the city of Chiang Mai below.
Generally, Asian destinations have been much slower to reopen to international tourism than the rest of world. Tourism giants such as Japan and China are still closed to US leisure travelers. However, some places have opened their doors to Americans on vacation.

Australia / Pacific Islands

Surfing is popular at Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia.
Surfing is popular at Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia.
Brian Bielmann/AFP/Getty Images
Americans wanting to get their vacation fix of Australia and nearby New Zealand will have to remain patient. Like Asia, this region has been taking a very cautious approach. Still, there are a few Pacific island groups now allowing US tourists to visit.


Pedestrians cross Westminster Bridge over the River Thames with the Houses of Parliament in the background in central London.
Pedestrians cross Westminster Bridge over the River Thames with the Houses of Parliament in the background in central London.
Niklas Halle'n/AFP/Getty Images
In early January 2022, much of Europe remained in the grips of the latest Covid-19 wave. US tourists are still allowed to visit most destinations there, although full vaccinations are required in many of the countries.
• Albania: US Embassy | Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs | CDC advisory
• Armenia: US Embassy | Armenia's official Covid-19 travel website | CDC advisory
• Andorra: US Embassy | CDC advisory
• Austria: US Embassy | Austria Entry Requirements | CDC advisory
• Belgium: US Embassy | Belgium Embassy | Belgium color codes for nations | Passenger Locator Form | CDC advisory
• Bosnia and Herzegovina: US Embassy | Bosnia Border Police | CDC advisory
• Bulgaria: US Embassy | Bulgariatravel.org | CDC advisory
• Croatia: US Embassy | Croatia official entry form | CDC advisory
• Cyprus: US Embassy in Nicosia | Visit Cyprus | CDC advisory
• Czech Republic: US Embassy | Czech Ministry of the Interior | Passenger Locator Form | CDC advisory
• Denmark: US Embassy | Denmark tourist information | CDC advisory
• Estonia: US Embassy | Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Health form | Zone list | CDC advisory
Finland: US Embassy | Finland Border Guard | CDC advisory
France: US Embassy | French Ministry of Foreign Affairs | CDC advisory
Georgia: US Embassy | Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Entry registration | CDC advisory
• Germany: US Embassy | German Missions in the US | Germany digital registration | CDC advisory
• Greece: US Embassy | Ministry of Tourism | CDC advisory
• Hungary: US Embassy | Hungarian entry rules | CDC advisory
• Iceland: US Embassy | Iceland travel rules | Iceland travel registration | CDC advisory
• Ireland: US Embassy | Irish government travel page | Passenger locator form | CDC advisory
• Italy: US Embassy | Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation | Italy's rules for Americans | Entry form | Digital passenger locator form | CDC advisory
• Latvia: US Embassy | CDC advisory
• Liechtenstein: US Embassy | CDC advisory
• Lithuania: US Embassy | Travel Lithuania | Ministry of Health | Travel questionnaire | CDC advisory
• Luxembourg: US Embassy | Visiting Luxembourg | CDC advisory
• Malta: US Embassy | Visit Malta | Public Health Travel Declaration and the Passenger Locator forms | CDC advisory
• Monaco: Embassy of Monaco | Principaute de Monaco | CDC advisory
• Montenegro: US Embassy | Institute of Public Health of Montenegro | CDC advisory
• The Netherlands: US Embassy | Government of Netherlands | Quarantine declaration | CDC advisory
• North Macedonia: US Embassy | TAV Macedonia | CDC advisory
• Norway: US Embassy | Government of Norway | CDC advisory
• Poland: US Embassy | Polish Tourism Organisation | CDC advisory
• Portugal: US Embassy | Visit Portugal | Passenger locator card | CDC advisory
• Romania: US Embassy | Romanian Embassy | CDC advisory
• Russia: US Embassy | Covid form (PDF) | Visa to Russia | CDC advisory
• Serbia: US Embassy | Ministry of Foreign Affairs | CDC advisory
• Slovakia: US Embassy | Slovakia Information Centre | Registration to enter | CDC advisory
• Slovenia: US Embassy | Government of Slovenia | CDC advisory
• Spain: US Embassy | Ministry of Health | Spain Travel Health portal | Spain travel FAQs | CDC advisory
• Sweden: US Embassy | Swedish Police Authority | CDC advisory
• Switzerland: US Embassy | Swiss Travel Check | Swiss travel FAQs | CDC advisory
• United Kingdom: US Embassy | UK government | Passenger locator form | Declaration form | CDC advisory

Middle East / North Africa

For over two millennia, the ancient city of Petra has towered majestically over the Jordanian desert.
For over two millennia, the ancient city of Petra has towered majestically over the Jordanian desert.
KHALIL MAZRAAWI/afp/AFP via Getty Images
Rich in culture and history, destinations in the Middle East and North Africa are also trying to deal with a modern pandemic just like the rest of the world. While some places are inaccessible because of the coronavirus or for other reasons, some favorites are open to US visitors.

North America / Caribbean

Mazatlan is a historic city on Central Mexico's Pacific Coast.
Mazatlan is a historic city on Central Mexico's Pacific Coast.
North America and the Caribbean now give US leisure travelers plenty of travel options with a relatively short plane ride. Be sure to check disembarking rules if you take a Caribbean cruise.
• Anguilla: US Embassy | Anguilla International Travelers | CDC advisory
• Antigua and Barbuda: US Embassy | Antigua and Barbuda government website | CDC advisory
• Aruba: US consulate | Aruba's official tourism site | embarkation and disembarkation card | Aruba Visitors Insurance | CDC advisory
• The Bahamas: US Embassy | Bahamas travel website | Bahamas Travel Health Visa | CDC advisory
• Barbados: US Embassy | Visit Barbados website | BIMSafe travel app | CDC advisory
• Belize: US Embassy | Belize Tourism Board | CDC advisory
• Bermuda: US Embassy | Bermuda Tourism Authority | CDC advisory
• Bonaire: US consulate| Bonaire Crisis | Health declaration form | CDC advisory
• British Virgin Islands: US Embassy | BVI government website | BVI Gateway website | CDC advisory
• Canada: US Embassy | Canada Services Border Agency | CDC advisory
• Cayman Islands: US Embassy | Cayman Islands government | CDC advisory
• Costa Rica: US Embassy | Visit Costa Rica website | Health pass form | CDC advisory
• Curaçao: US consulate | Traveling to Curaçao | Curaçao news bulletins | Passenger locator card | CDC advisory
• Dominica: US Embassy | Discover Dominica | Online registration portal | CDC advisory
• Dominican Republic: US Embassy | GoDominicanRepublic.com | Electronic entry and exit form | CDC advisory
• El Salvador: US Embassy | Government entry information | CDC advisory
• Grenada: US Embassy | Grenada's Ministry of Health | Travel authorization application | CDC advisory
• Guadeloupe: US consulate | Guadeloupe Islands | CDC advisory
• Guatemala: US Embassy | Online health pass | CDC advisory
• Honduras: US Embassy | Online precheck form | CDC advisory
• Jamaica: US Embassy | Visit Jamaica website | Online travel authorization form | CDC advisory
• Martinique: US consulate | Martinique requirements | CDC advisory
• Mexico: US Embassy | CDC advisory
• Nicaragua: US Embassy | Avianca Airlines | CDC advisory
• Panama: US Embassy | Visit Panama | Online health affidavit | CDC advisory
• Saba: US consulate | Saba Tourism | Saba EHAS application | CDC advisory
• Sint Maarten (shares island with the French collectivity of Saint-Martin): US consulate | Sint Maarten | Health authorization application | Covid-19 health insurance | CDC advisory
• St. Barts: US consulate | St. Barts entry protocols | St. Barts tourism | St. Barts requirements (PDF) | CDC advisory
• St. Kitts and Nevis: US Embassy | St. Kitts Tourism | Travel authorization form | CDC advisory
• St. Lucia: US Embassy | St. Lucia travel website | CDC advisory
• St. Vincent and the Grenadines: US Embassy | Covid-19 protocol documents | Official prearrival form | CDC advisory
• Trinidad and Tobago: US Embassy | TTravelPass | CDC advisory
• Turks and Caicos: US Embassy | Visit Turks and Caicos | Travel authorization form | CDC advisory

South America

South American's unusual wildlife is a top draw for the continent, including this Amazon River dolphin near Iquitos, Peru.
South American's unusual wildlife is a top draw for the continent, including this Amazon River dolphin near Iquitos, Peru.
South America's pandemic journey has mirrored the rest of the world in terms of mixed responses. Brazil has been wide open for the long haul while Argentina just recently opened to US travelers.

Recently removed from open list

There are destinations that have recently closed their borders to either US travelers specifically or to all tourists. These might be temporary actions, and they could reopen before the next update of this article, so click on the links to see their current status.

Omitted countries

This is a curated list and not a complete catalog of every single destination open to visitors from the United States.
CNN Travel has omitted certain countries if they: had very limited numbers of American travelers before the pandemic; are very isolated or have little to no tourism infrastructure; have ongoing or recent armed conflicts, terrorism or rampant crime and unrest; have a current credible threat of warfare; have antagonistic relations with the US government; or have entry requirements so extensive and complicated that they put the country out of reach of almost all US citizens.
However, you can click here to directly check for the status and entry requirements of any country or territory in the world you wish to visit.