Spectacular vacation rentals with unforgettable mountain views

Francesca Street, CNNUpdated 21st March 2018
(CNN) — Waking up to the sight of a spectacular mountain view is an extraordinary experience.
Few people know that better than Sebastiaan Bedaux, a traveler who has turned his love of rooms with vertiginous views into a new book about some of the world's most spectacular vacation rentals.
The book, "Mountain View: The Perfect Holiday Homes," launched by Lannoo Publishers, showcases hideouts from wild Sri Lankan rainforests to snow-capped Norwegian fjords.
"A mountain view is a promise of fresh air, hiking opportunities, adventure..." Bedaux tells CNN Travel.

Unforgettable experiences

One of the spectacular homes showcased, "Hen House" on the Isle of Skye.
One of the spectacular homes showcased, "Hen House" on the Isle of Skye.
Courtesy Andrew Lee
A freelance lifestyle and travel journalist, Bedaux was inspired by his own wanderings and exploration of destinations around the world.
"During my travels over the last decade I've stayed in many beautiful and interesting vacation homes," he says.
Approached by Lannoo thanks to his envy-inducing Instagram account, Bedaux set about selecting 50 showstopping properties to showcase.
The most important criteria? A mountain (or hill-topped) view.
"Secondly, all the houses in this book had to be visually striking and architecturally interesting," adds Bedaux.
Matugama, Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka's "The Ark" guests can stay in a spectacular treehouse-like property.
Courtesy Narein Perera & The Ark Sri Lanka
The result is an array of exceptional properties in phenomenal locations, with innovative angles, mirrored walls and camouflaging exteriors -- all to make the most of their stunning surroundings.
Take "Hen House" on Skye, the low impact design offers a floor-to-ceiling window view of Loch Bracadale. The house is also eco-friendly and heats itself.
Courtesy Narein Perera & The Ark Sri Lanka
Meanwhile in Sri Lanka, "The Ark" is a tree-topped property surrounded by rainforest and offering aerial views of the jungle below. The design has an A-frame exterior, adding to its bird-house feel.
"Cool interior design was also taken into account," adds Bedaux.
"Seidler House" in Joadja, Southern Highlands, Australia is designed to look as though it's floating. Inside, it's a dreamy, expansive living space full of innovative design touches.

Repurposing the past

"Trafjosen" in Norway is a converted cowshed.
"Trafjosen" in Norway is a converted cowshed.
Courtesy Finn Borrows/OPA Form
Several of the properties are repurposed. In Norway, "Trafjosen" is a converted old cowshed transformed by OPA Form Architects into a spectacular cabin with snow-capped views.
Meanwhile the designers of Switzerland's "Anako'lodge" found an unusual way to save some buildings from destruction.
"This 'lodge' actually consists of seven old shacks that have been saved from demolition and turned into something incredibly cool," adds Bedaux.

A room with a view

Wanaka, New Zealand
"Te Kahu" in Wanaka offers a beautiful view of Lake Wanaka.
Courtesy Release Wanaka
For Bedaux, an incredible view is what lingers long after he's unpacked his suitcase and his adventure has ended.
He says a favorite spot is Okavango Delta, in Botswana. "The views of the plains and swamps from the small airplane were breathtaking," he recalls.
But there are other panoramas that have etched themselves on Bedaux's mind.
"I remember the views of the Virunga mountains in Rwanda, of the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland, of the desert in Namibia and the fjords in Chile," he says.
And if he had to pick a favorite?
"Too difficult," he concedes.