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As the province in China boasting the world’s largest waterfall cluster, it should come as no surprise that Guizhou is now home to one of the largest artificial waterfalls in the world, too.

The 108-meter-tall (354 feet) waterfall cascades off a swanky new skyscraper in the heart of Guiyang, Guizhou’s capital.

Called Liebian International Plaza, the mixed-use skyscraper is 121 meters tall and home to a hotel, shopping mall and offices.

Just for special occasions

Getting the waterfall show ready isn’t an easy feat, hence it will only be switched on for special occasions, officials tell local media.

A huge water tank on the ground collects and stores water for the downpour.

It takes two hours of prep time and is powered by four 185-kilowatt water pumps. An hourlong showcase adds RMB 800 ($118) to the building’s electricity bill.

Situated in the southwest of China, Guizhou is one of China’s fastest-growing provinces, where multiple megaprojects are under development.

Already home to the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope and the world’s highest bridge, earlier this month it became the first province in China to sign a hyperloop agreement.