Work around the world on these digital nomad retreats

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Wish you could relocate your cubicle to a beach in Thailand? Join the club.

It seems like remote work is on everyone’s mind lately.

In the US alone, 37% of workers say they telecommute – up from 9% in 1995 – according to a 2015 Gallup poll.

And that number is expected to increase in coming years with a new generation entering the workforce.

Roughly 68% of millennial job seekers said that an option to work remotely would sweeten any job deal, according to a survey by networking site AfterCollege.

To tap into the increasingly mobile pool of professionals around the world, a new crop of “workation” retreats offers hassle-free nomadic experiences where freelancers, entrepreneurs and even full-time employees can plug into a new “office” space in remote corners of the globe.

A handful of programs target aspiring digital nomads and the career-change set. Others differentiate themselves by industry, specifically targeting computer programmers or entrepreneurs.

But whether coding apps in India or consulting beachside in Bali, most workations programs have a few things in common: comfortable accommodation, cool co-working spaces and unwavering Wi-Fi.


Roam's Miami outpost: Networking in style.

Roam might call New York City its home base, but the name says it all.

Founded in 2015, the company offers easy access to co-living-slash-working spaces around the world.

With a little planning, remote workers can hop from London to Tokyo, Bali to Miami and join a network of like-minded traveling professionals at each stop. The crowd is a mix of freelancers and entrepreneurs – really anyone with the travel bug.

Thanks to spacious digs – somewhere between a hotel and a house – there’s room for meetings, private conference calls, a pool and intimate events.

Starting at $500 a week, the program also provides a handful of shared amenities: tried-and-tested Wi-Fi, co-working spaces, comfy Eames chairs, international power outlets, a kitchen and private rooms.

Hacker Paradise

Perfect for computer programmers and designers, Hacker Paradise aims to live up to its name.

The company has been running retreats since 2014 in locations all over the world, including the likes of Vietnam, Estonia, Thailand, Portugal, Tokyo, Barcelona and Taipei.

Each retreat is tailored to full-time employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers – and participants can join for stretches of anywhere from two to 16 weeks at a time.

The community is a selling point for many developers, and Hacker Paradise encourages collaborations and passion projects along the way.

With about 40 people in each program – each with his or her own network – there’s ample opportunity to share expertise and connections.

To give employers some piece of mind and hold workers accountable for their personal goals, the program offers oversight and task management services.

The program also provides a premium setup – private accommodations with kitchenettes, weekly lunches, opportunities for demos and collaboration, workshops and easy access to a local co-working hub.