Flying without wings: The world’s fastest trains

CNN  — 

As the world faces up to climate change, short-haul flights look increasingly unattractive to many travelers. The flygskam (flight shame) phenomenon that started in Scandinavia is already inspiring many travelers to reduce their reliance on airlines.

Until someone proves otherwise, high-speed rail is the most effective alternative to air travel for journeys of up to 700 miles. Shuttling passengers between city centers at speeds of 180 mph or more, it offers a compelling combination of speed and convenience.

Rail’s ability to move huge numbers of people quickly makes it far more efficient than unproven, low-capacity concepts such as Hyperloop.

Since the 1980s, hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested in new high-speed, high-capacity railways across Europe and Asia, pioneered by Japan’s Shinkansen and the Train a Grand Vitesse (TGV) in France.