Is this the world's most expensive cup of coffee?

Katia Hetter, CNNPublished 13th May 2019
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(CNN) — Coffee aficionados are willing to shell out big bucks for the perfect cup of coffee. But Californians may be taking it to the next level.
A single cup of coffee just sold for $75 at Klatch Coffee's new San Francisco location, which hosted a tasting over the weekend.
The single-source organic coffee bean at the heart of this exclusive brew is known as Elida Geisha Natural, which garnered a record $803 per pound at auction and cost nearly $1,200 a pound after roasting, according to CNN affiliate KGO in San Francisco.
Klatch purchased 10 pounds of the beans, which is just 10% of the 100 pounds that was auctioned off worldwide at the Best of Panama green coffee auction hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama in 2018.
"This coffee is not over roasted like what you get at other places. It's roasted how coffee used to be roasted back in the day," Bo Thiara, co-owner of Klatch's new Northern California location, told KGO.
Couldn't make the May 12 tasting event at Klatch's new San Francisco location? (No tastings are scheduled at Klatch's five Southern California locations.)
Don't worry. Klatch is selling the beans online for $75 for 18 grams (0.63 ounces) of coffee.
If $75 is too pricey, even for this limited supply, other award-winning bags are priced as low as $14.95 for 12 ounces.