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You know you're a foodie when ...

CNN StaffPublished 20th July 2015
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(CNN) — Made it your mission to dine at all the Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe?
Simply can't resist posting a shot of every single meal you eat on Instagram?
We asked CNN readers on our social media accounts to finish the following sentence: "You know you're a foodie when..."
Much like the scent of a wheel of Stilton blue cheese, the volume of responses we received was strong.
Clearly, you guys are serious about food.
Here are 21 signs that you're definitely a foodie, chosen by you.

1. You plan your vacations around meals, not sights

"When all your holiday planning is about what the local specialties are and where to get them!"
-- marika237, via Instagram
"You know you're a foodie when you start planning your travels primarily around food and wine and visits to museums are to take a break between meals."
-- Kathy Leiva, via Facebook
"You know you're a foodie when you quit your job and travel thousands of miles to try a snack..."
-- Shankar Sharma, via Facebook
"When you're more excited to eat local food than see tourist spots in other countries."
-- jammaicatok, via Instagram

2. You firmly believe beautiful food is to be appreciated ...

"You whip out your camera when your food arrives, share it to the world on Instagram, then dive in and later check all the "likes" & comments."
-- emkae11, via Instagram

3. ... but you're not afraid of the ugly stuff, either

"You know you're a foodie when you are willing to eat balut at least once."
-- Constance Lastly, via Facebook

4. You know food is the key to a great party

5. In fact you'll ditch the party if there's no food

"You know you're a foodie when you leave an important state function to address your stomach."
-- Rotich Tobias, via Facebook

6. You're so excited to eat you forget to take a photo of your meal

7. Food permeates your sleep

"You know you're a foodie when you sleepwalk to your patio grill and fire up burgers in a snowstorm at 3 a.m. to satisfy a craving."
-- Kerri Blum, via Facebook
"You know you're a foodie when your favorite friend is the refrigerator and you dream about her."
-- John Shelnut, via Facebook

8. Not even the miracle of life can curb your appetite

"You know you're a foodie when you're ferociously browsing through a gourmet magazine between labor contractions!"
-- Ayoosh Muhammed, via Facebook

9. You want your kids to grow up and cook for you

"You know you're a foodie when you would rather your one-year-old son go to culinary school in the future rather than attend college."
-- Yau-Ru Chen Patz, via Facebook

10. Junk food has lost its luster

"You know you're a foodie when you'll find a way to pay extra for something delicious and locally made, vs. something just okay and made in a factory simply because it's cheap."
-- sueboral, via Instagram

11. Food comes before fashion

"When you have more kitchen supplies than clothes."
-- amantedeleite, via Instagram
"When you look like a rag at work because you'd rather buy a piece of white truffle for your grilled cheese sandwich and saffron for bouillabaisse instead of buying decent attire for your day job."
-- maiadonkitchen, via Instagram

12. Your culinary knowledge starts to divide you from society

"You know you're a foodie when your taste bud can distinguish white, black, green, yellow, red pepper."
-- Ida Galdiano, via Facebook

13. You laugh in the face of anaphylaxis

"You try a dish even when you risk an allergy from it."
-- bu_hanad93, via Instagram

14. Canada's most delicious dish is no mystery to you

15. Even your media consumption is centered on food

"You read recipes as a means of entertainment."
-- jyldelag, via Instagram
"You know you're a foodie when you've seen every Anthony Bourdain episode."
-- Robert Keereweer, via Facebook
"You know you're a foodie when you buy cookbooks as souvenirs on all of your vacations."
-- Valerie Russell, via Facebook

16. Restaurant visits require pre-planning

"When you preview the menu and choose what you're ordering before going to the restaurant."
-- ecmirkin, via Instagram.

17. You carry your own utensils just in case

18. You develop a reputation

"When friends, family, & co-workers ask you for lists of places to eat no matter the city."
-- lynnd86, via Instagram

19. It's not just about eating

20. Eating just makes things worse

"You know you're a foodie when you are planning your next meal before you finish the one on your plate."
-- Michael Caudill, via Facebook
"You know you're a foodie when the food you ordered just arrived but when you still looking whats on the menu."
-- Mweru Gospherus Agassizi Darrow, via Facebook

21. You can't even handle being asked about food

"You know you're a foodie when you can't finish the sentence because you're too busy eating."
-- Rozman Mashor, via Facebook
"You know you're a foodie when you start salivating reading that question..."
-- Jeffrey Wahl, via Facebook