Rare $200,000 computer found at recycling company
A recycling company is looking for a woman who turned in an Apple One computer that sold for $200,000 so they can give her a cut of the profits. CNN affiliate KGO reports.
01:13 - Source: KGO
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Rare $200,000 computer found at recycling company
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A policeman walks past a blue tent covering a British World War II bomb that was found during construction works on August 30, 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany.
The disposal of the bomb that is planned for Sunday, September 3, 2017 requires the evacuation of around 70,000 people. / AFP PHOTO / dpa / Boris Roessler / Germany OUT        (Photo credit should read BORIS ROESSLER/AFP/Getty Images)
60,000 told to evacuate after WWII bomb found
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Police in Canada said $100,000 was discovered during the recycling of an old TV set. The money was returned to the owner after 30 years.
More than $100,000 found in old TV set
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Date Shot:  16 Dec 2015    Location Shot:  McFarland WI
Wife to husband: If you're reading this, I'm dead
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lost dog carolina ohio homeless woman dnt_00013619.jpg
Lost dog helps woman get home for holidays
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Man buys dresser, finds treasure inside
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man find puppies trapped inside tank dnt_00001104.jpg
Man finds puppies locked inside fish tank in woods
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Long lost parachute beaver footage cnni_00004809.jpg
Bizarre footage shows parachuting beavers
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pkg man finds box with coins map hand_00012111.jpg
Man discovers human hand, coins in attic
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dnt wedding ring lost atlantic ocean_00013430
Wedding ring lost in the ocean until ...
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william shakespeare
'Lost' Shakespeare believed legit. But is it any good?
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pkg man found bag of cash on road_00012420.jpg
Man finds a bag full of cash and ...
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pkg social media helps find owner of 100 year old photos_00003409.jpg
Social media helps find owner of 100-year-old photos
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dnt ca wedding ring found after wildfire_00005607.jpg
Wedding ring found after wildfire
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dnt ground zero wedding photo mystery solved_00002707.jpg
Mystery wedding photo in 9/11 rubble
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