May 2 coronavirus news

By Jessie Yeung, Brett McKeehan, Fernando Alfonso III and Amir Vera, CNN

Updated 11:26 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020
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7:32 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020

More than 30 people arrested during stay-at-home protest at California Capitol

From CNN's Sarah Moon and Hollie Silverman

More than 30 people were arrested on Friday, May 1, 2020, during a demonstration at the California Capitol Building.
More than 30 people were arrested on Friday, May 1, 2020, during a demonstration at the California Capitol Building. Renée C. Byer/Sacramento Bee/Zuma

More than 500 people gathered at the California Capitol in Sacramento Friday to protest Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order.

"The majority of the demonstrators were not wearing face masks or physically distancing and at one point a group of them locked hands," according to a news release from the California Highway Patrol. "In so doing, they were jeopardizing the health and safety of themselves as well as our officers and onlookers during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic."

As a result, police arrested 32 for failing to comply with the lawful orders to disperse along with health and safety violations, the release said.

7:16 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020

Most are in compliance in Central Park, NYC Parks Department says

From CNN’s Evan Simko-Bednarski and Kristina Sgueglia

People gather in Central Park on May 2.
People gather in Central Park on May 2. Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Charisse Hill, New York City Parks Department spokeswoman, told CNN in a statement that while there is a large volume of visitors in both Central Park and Prospect Park in Brooklyn, most are in compliance with social distancing rules.

Here's Hill's full statement:

"Together with NYPD, our Parks Enforcement Patrol officers are actively patrolling in Central Park and Prospect Park, both popular locations.
While there is a volume of visitors, most are in compliance.
We are distributing masks and educating visitors on social distancing.
We will continue to monitor and expand our enforcement efforts as necessary."
6:54 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020

California city council votes to support legal action against state to reopen Newport Beach beaches

CNN's Hollie Silverman and Sarah Moon

A nearly empty beach in Newport Beach, California, on April 30.
A nearly empty beach in Newport Beach, California, on April 30. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

The Newport Beach City Council voted Saturday to support litigation filed by Huntington Beach, Dana Point and other business owners to reopen Orange County beaches, according to a news release from the city.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all Orange County beaches closed on Thursday despite a vote from the Newport Beach City Council Tuesday to keep beaches open, the release said.

"The Governor’s office had not sought the City’s perspective on beach safety or the weekend plan before issuing the directive," the Newport Beach release said.

On Friday, an Orange County judge rejected a request from local officials to block Newsom's order closing the beaches in the county to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Lawyers representing three cities argued the governor had singled out the county and overstepped his authority while allowing other beaches in California to remain open. The judge agreed to hear more on the challenges to the beach order next week.

Also on Friday, between 2,500 and 3,000 people took part in a protest over the beach closures in Huntington Beach.

6:29 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020

Oklahoma town amends order requiring face masks in stores and restaurants after threats of violence towards employees

From CNN's Hollie Silverman 

An emergency proclamation issued Thursday in Stillwater, Oklahoma, requiring the use of face masks in stores and restaurants was amended Friday after several reports of threats, a statement from Stillwater City Manager Norman McNickle said.

"In the short time beginning on May 1, 2020, that face coverings have been required for entry into stores/restaurants, store employees have been threatened with physical violence and showered with verbal abuse," McNickle said in the statement. "In addition, there has been one threat of violence using a firearm. This has occurred in three short hours and in the face of clear medical evidence that face coverings helps contain the spread of COVID-19."

Due to the threats of violence the city has decided to amend their emergency order, but officials still want people to wear face masks whenever possible, the statement said. 

6:26 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020

Duchess of Cambridge speaks to health workers ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week

From CNN’s Robert Iddiols

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge Kensington Palace

The Duchess of Cambridge took part in a virtual roundtable with midwives, health visitors, parents, and leading sector experts about the challenges that Covid-19 is having on new and expectant mothers and their families ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK.

Catherine spoke with health workers at Kingston Hospital as they continue to battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

The Duchess has long been involved in highlighting the importance of the early years and parental well-being, according to a press release from Kensington Palace.

Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK starts on Monday and runs through Sunday, May 10.  

6:18 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020

There are at least 1,126,519 coronavirus cases in US

From CNN's Hollie Silverman

There are at least 1,126,519 cases of coronavirus in the US and at least 66,051 people have died from the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University's tally of cases in the United States.

The totals includes cases from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and other U.S. territories, as well as repatriated cases and those in the US military, veterans hospitals and federal prisons.  

CNN has an interactive map tracking coronavirus cases across the country.

7:33 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020

NYC will not rush to reopening, mayor says

From CNN's Kristina Sgueglia

A nearly empty New York City subway station on Saturday, May 2.
A nearly empty New York City subway station on Saturday, May 2. Rob Kim/Getty Images

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN's Ana Cabrera that the city is not yet out of the woods and is not going to rush reopening.

Cabrera asked de Blasio if the worst was behind the city with regards to Covid-19 given recent data.

I want to say that, but I want to also acknowledge this is a ferocious disease, never turn your back on this disease never discount it," de Blasio said. "The way we’re going to ensure the worst is behind us is by keeping up these tough rules."

"Of course we all want to restart, but we're not going to restart until we have harder evidence that we’ve turned the corner," de Blasio said.

6:04 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio on crowds at Central Park: 'We expected this and prepared for this'

From CNN's Kristina Sgueglia

People enjoy a day of sunshine in New York's Central Park on May 2.
People enjoy a day of sunshine in New York's Central Park on May 2. Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN’s Ana Cabrera Saturday officials expected the crowds at Central Park and were "prepared for this."

"The NYPD is out in force" along with other city agencies, he said.

Enforcement numbers from about an hour ago "looked actually quite good," the mayor said adding "the vast majority of people got the message and that's the story of NYC over these last weeks."

He said its "totally understandable" that folks want to go out get some exercise and fresh air but added the message has been "don’t linger too long, get back home" and "while you’re out there keep that face covering on, keep that social distance."

For anyone who tries to resist these rules or create a public gathering, the NYPD is immediately going to give them a summons, de Blasio said.

If everyone follows the rules that’s great but if not there’s going to be very intense enforcement," de Balsio said.

The mayor said overall in the past few weeks "people are overwhelmingly abiding by that social distancing," adding that more and more people are putting on face coverings. The city is giving them out today for free, he added.

"New Yorkers have been pretty amazing at following rules in a place where it's tough," he said.

6:02 p.m. ET, May 2, 2020

Here's what DC looked like as crowds went to the National Mall to watch flyover

From CNN's Nicole Chavez and Gregory Clary,

Scores of people descended upon the National Mall on Saturday as the US Navy's Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunderbirds performed a flyover to honor first responders on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

The nation's capital is under a stay-at-home order to slow down the spread of the virus but that didn't stop crowds from gathering between the US Capitol and the Washington Monument.

The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds conducted flyovers in Washington, Baltimore and Atlanta on Saturday.