August 9 coronavirus news

By Ben Westcott, Steve George, Amy Woodyatt, Ed Upright, Fernando Alfonso III and Amir Vera, CNN

Updated 12:03 a.m. ET, August 10, 2020
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1:30 p.m. ET, August 9, 2020

60 bars and restaurants in NYC area were issued Covid-19 violations Friday and Saturday

From CNN's Sheena Jones

There were 60 bars and restaurants in the New York City area that were issued Covid-19 violations Friday and Saturday, according to a press release from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office. 

Here's a breakdown of where the violations occurred on Long Island and around the New York City boroughs, according to the governor:

  • Bronx: 2
  • Brooklyn: 2
  • Manhattan: 22
  • Queens: 26
  • Staten Island: 4
  • Nassau: 3
  • Suffolk: 1

Cuomo also called on the NYPD on Sunday to step-up enforcement of social distancing rules around the city.

1:28 p.m. ET, August 9, 2020

US reports more than 1,000 daily coronavirus deaths over the last 5 days

From CNN's Hollie Silverman

The US has reported more than 1,000 deaths from coronavirus daily for the last five days, according to data from Johns Hopkins University's Covid Tracker.

Since July 21, there have been only four days that the US has not reported more than 1,000 deaths.

As of 1 p.m. ET Sunday, 162,635 people with coronavirus have died in the US and 5,017,150 cases have been reported nationwide.

So far, 19,221 new Covid-19 cases and 212 deaths have been reported as of 1 p.m. ET today.

1:45 p.m. ET, August 9, 2020

Biden says US surpassing 5 million Covid-19 cases "boggles the mind and breaks the heart"

From CNN’s Sarah Mucha

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Former Vice President Joe Biden has released a statement reacting to the US surpassing 5 million cases of coronavirus on Sunday. 

“Each time the number clicks up, it represents a life altered, a family stricken with anxiety, a community on edge,” Biden said in a statement released Saturday. 

Biden encouraged mask-wearing, saying, “I know that for many Americans, especially as the months continue to drag on, there are moments when the losses feel unbearable. But we must not give up. We must follow the science and the advice of medical experts — starting with wearing a mask. That is how we will beat this virus.”

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee went on to criticize President Trump's leadership in the statement. 

“And yet, we continue to hear little more from President Trump than excuses and lies in an effort to cover for his repeated failures of leadership — failures that worsened the pandemic here at home, and in turn deepened our economic crisis,” Biden said.

More context: CNN reported Sunday morning that are now at least 5,000,603 cases of coronavirus in the United States and at least 162,441 people have died from the virus, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.


1:43 p.m. ET, August 9, 2020

New York governor calls Trump's executive actions "laughable"

From CNN's Sheena Jones

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference on April 17.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference on April 17. Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called President Trump’s executive actions laughable during the state’s daily Covid-19 call. 

These remarks were made after President Trump signed several executive actions, including one that would require states to pay 25% of enhanced unemployment benefits. 

“Executive orders will not be a substitute for legislation,” the governor said. “You can’t now say to states who have no funding you have to pay 25% of the unemployment insurance cause."

Cuomo went on to say, “there is no funding for schools that are now trying to reopen and according to the white house they want them to reopen, so they need legislation. It’s the only way to do it,” the governor said.

“When you are in a hole, stop digging, “ Cuomo said

1:42 p.m. ET, August 9, 2020

New York state sees lowest one day positive infection rate since start of the pandemic

From CNN's Sheena Jones

e York state has the lowest one day positive infection rate for coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday during the state’s Covid-19 call.

New York has an infection rate of 0.78% which is normally around 1% or a little under, the governor said. 

“Congratulations New Yorkers,” Cuomo said. “It’s really an incredible achievement."

At least 548 people are hospitalized with Covid-19 and seven New Yorkers died from the virus yesterday, the governor said. 

The intensive care unit number is the “lowest number of people we had in ICU units since the start,” Cuomo said. 

1:38 p.m. ET, August 9, 2020

Schumer: Trump's latest Covid-19 actions are "unworkable, weak, and far too narrow"

From CNN’s Aaron Pellish

eate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized President Trump’s latest coronavirus relief efforts as being “unworkable, weak, and far too narrow.”

“Unfortunately, the President’s executive orders described in one word, would be paltry. In three words, unworkable, weak and far too narrow," Schumer said.

Only one of the actions signed by the President was an order – the rest were memoranda.

Schumer specifically criticized the payroll tax deferral, saying he has already talked to companies who will continue withholding payroll taxes in case they will be forced to pay them when the deferral expires in December. 

“Employers are just going to continue, withhold the money – I have talked to some – because they don't want their employees to be stuck with a huge bill in December," Schumer added.

The Senator from New York also criticized the policy for depleting Medicare and Social Security funds. 

“If you're a Social Security recipient or Medicare recipient, you better watch out if President Trump is re-elected,” Schumer warned.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on “Fox News Sunday” that there would be no cuts in benefits, because there will be an “automatic contribution from the general funds to those trust funds.”

CNN's Nicky Robertson contributed to this report

11:02 a.m. ET, August 9, 2020

9 coronavirus cases reported at Georgia high school days after photo taken of crowded hallway

From CNN’s Chandler Thornton

Nine Covid-19 cases were reported at North Paulding High School, according to a copy of a letter sent from Principal Gabe Carmona to parents Saturday. 

A spokesperson for the Paulding County School District gave a copy of the letter to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“At this time, we know there were six students and three staff members who were in school for at least some time last week who have since reported to us that they have tested positive,” the letter from North Paulding High School Principal Gabe Carmona said. 

CNN is working to get its own copy of the letter to parents.

Some context: This news comes days after a North Paulding High School sophomore posted a photo on Twitter that showed her high school's hallways crowded with students and very few masks visible.  

The student, Hannah Watters, was later suspended for posting the photos but on Friday, the high school said in a statement that it had "rescinded" the suspension. 

11:13 a.m. ET, August 9, 2020

Florida reports more than 6,000 new daily Covid-19 cases for the thirteenth day in a row

From CNN's Melissa Alonso 

The state of Florida has reported 6,190 new cases of Covid-19 among Floridians and 77 additional resident deaths on Sunday, according to data from the Florida Department of Health (DOH).   

This marks the thirteenth consecutive day the state has reported more than 6,000 cases in a single day, according to CNN's tally.    

There are now 527,036 cases among residents and 532,806 total cases in the state, which includes out of state residents, DOH reported. Florida has reported 8,186 resident deaths to date, according to DOH data. 

Note: These numbers were released by Florida's public health agency and may not line up exactly in real time with CNN’s database drawn from Johns Hopkins University and the Covid Tracking Project  

10:50 a.m. ET, August 9, 2020

US Treasury Secretary says Democrats must make the next move on stimulus talks

From CNN's Sarah Westwood, Nicky Robertson and Alison Main

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin speaks to the press next to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on August 7.
Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin speaks to the press next to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on August 7. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told CNN that Democrats will need to be the ones to make the next move if stimulus talks between the administration and congressional Democrats are to restart. He said Democratic leaders need to accept a lower amount of assistance for state and local governments. 

“Anytime they have another offer to make, they can either call me or I’ll go up and see them,” Mnuchin said. “But they have to compromise.”

“I think we’ve been very clear that they need to come back with a compromise on the state and local from their trillion dollars, and the unemployment benefits, and if so we’ll respond. I think the majority of the other issues, we’ve reached a compromise on,” Mnuchin added at the White House on Sunday. 

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Mnuchin said that although governors are asking for money, they do not need $1 trillion.

“I’ve also spoke to many governors over the last few days. We offered more money for the states. They still have $150 billion from last time. Most of them haven’t even used half of the money,” Mnuchin said, “The governors are saying we need more money for education. We need help, and the President said, we’ll give it to you. But not a trillion dollars.”