November 25 coronavirus news

By Ben Westcott, Adam Renton, Melissa Macaya, Mike Hayes and Meg Wagner, CNN

Updated 12:59 a.m. ET, November 27, 2020
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11:05 a.m. ET, November 25, 2020

More than 260,000 people have died from coronavirus in the US

There have been at least 12,613,248 cases of coronavirus in the US, and at least 260,190 people have died, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The totals include cases from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and other US territories, as well as repatriated cases. 

So far today, Johns Hopkins has reported 22,085 new cases and 265 reported deaths.


10:57 a.m. ET, November 25, 2020

Florida governor says his goal is to provide Covid-19 vaccines to all long-term care facilities residents 

From CNN's Melissa Alonso and Devon Sayers 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during a pre-taped update.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during a pre-taped update. Gov. Ron DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he's in contact with CVS and Walgreens leadership, and is told once a Covid-19 vaccine is available "they are ready to deploy to Florida's over 4,000 long-term care facilities."  

In a short pre-taped video update, DeSantis said more than 3,000 long-term care facilities have already signed up to receive vaccines.  

 "Our goal will be to provide vaccines to every resident of long-term care facilities throughout the state," according to DeSantis.  

"As more vaccine becomes available, we of course are going to want to get that into the broader senior community first, and then into the broader community at large," said DeSantis.  

DeSantis has said there will be no vaccine mandate in Florida, CNN has reported.  

DeSantis did not address the rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths in his state nor did he provide an update on daily cases. 

DeSantis hasn’t hosted a Covid-19 press conference in three weeks. Since November 4, DeSantis hasn’t held a single live news conference. 

10:52 a.m. ET, November 25, 2020

Chicago food bank is seeing many people seeking meals for the first time during pandemic, CEO says

From CNN's Adrienne Vogt

Lakeview Pantry CEO Kellie O’Connell speaks during an interview in Chicago on November 25.
Lakeview Pantry CEO Kellie O’Connell speaks during an interview in Chicago on November 25. CNN

The CEO of a Chicago food bank that is seeing a 200% increase in demand ahead of Thanksgiving says many people are coming to them for the first time ever. 

“It's such a tough time for so many right now. … So many people in America live paycheck to paycheck or are one furlough or layoff away from a financial crisis, and that's a lot of what we're seeing right now,” Lakeview Pantry CEO Kellie O’Connell said in an interview with CNN. 

“Especially hospitality workers or hard-hit industries, so many people are coming to us for the first time that never have had to before,” she added. 

O’Connell said that the pantry is also seeing larger families with children seeking out meals. 


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9:54 a.m. ET, November 25, 2020

Here are the latest Covid-19 headlines from across the US

From CNN's Amanda Watts

A person leans out of a vehicle to use a self-administered swab at a Covid-19 testing site in Westbrook, Maine, on November 9.
A person leans out of a vehicle to use a self-administered swab at a Covid-19 testing site in Westbrook, Maine, on November 9. Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

It's the morning before Thanksgiving in the United States and the coronavirus pandemic is raging across the country.

If you're just reading in now, here are the latest Covid-19 trends and headlines for the US:

  • The US has had 15 consecutive days of record-breaking current Covid-19 hospitalizations. There were 88,080 hospitalizations reported Tuesday, according to Covid Tracking Project data. The US is now averaging 83,296 hospitalizations over the last 7 days. At least 14 states reported record high hospitalizations Tuesday and 27 states are reporting over 1,000 current hospitalizations, according to CTP data.
  • The nation reported 2,146 deaths from Covid-19 on Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University.  This is only the second time since early May that the US has topped 2,000 reported deaths in a single day. The US averages 1,601 reported deaths per day, JHU data shows. This metric hasn’t been this high since May 11. At least 7 states reported their single highest day of Covid-19 deaths on Tuesday, according to JHU: Alaska, Iowa, Maine, Missouri, North Dakota, Oregon and Wisconsin.  
  • On Tuesday, the United States added 172,935 new Covid-19 cases, according to JHU. Yesterday's total was the 5th highest single day of the pandemic for new cases, per JHU data. For 22 consecutive days, the US has posted over 100,000 new coronavirus cases per day. The US is now averages 174,225 new cases per day. Three states reported their highest single day of new cases on Tuesday, per JHU data: California, Maine and Nevada  
  • Twenty-eight states are showing upward trends in new reported cases. Only six states are showing downward trends: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Tennessee.

Here's where new Covid-19 cases are increasing compared to the previous week:

9:48 a.m. ET, November 25, 2020

White House considering lifting European travel restrictions as US Covid-19 cases surge

From CNN's Jeremy Diamond

The White House is strongly considering lifting sweeping restrictions on travel from the European Union and the United Kingdom, an administration official confirmed.

Discussions have been ongoing for several weeks about lifting the restrictions, which ban entry to most foreigners who have been to Europe in the two weeks before their arrival in the US. Reuters first reported on the discussions.

An administration official told CNN that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has expressed some reservations about lifting the restrictions, but the agency is not expected to block the move.

The discussions come at a time when the US is experiencing its worst surge of coronavirus, and as many European countries also face higher levels of coronavirus cases.

President Trump has yet to sign off on the move, but once he does, the restrictions are unlikely to be lifted until the US and European countries have established a protocol for safe travel between the two countries.

The White House did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention directed CNN to the White House and the Health and Human Services Department when asked for comment.

Trump first banned most travel from the European Union and UK in March as the pandemic escalated. The EU soon followed suit, restricting most travel from the US and other countries.

9:39 a.m. ET, November 25, 2020

Texas doctor says he expects more sick patients after Thanksgiving

From CNN's Adrienne Vogt

Dr. Joseph Varon on November 25.
Dr. Joseph Varon on November 25. CNN

Dr. Joseph Varon, chief medical officer at Houston’s United Memorial Medical Center, says he expects an influx of sick patients after Thanksgiving. 

“My concerns for the next six to 12 weeks is that if we don't do things right, America is going to see the darkest days in modern American medical history,” Varon said in an interview on CNN. 
“My hospital is full. I just opened two new wings so that I can accommodate for the next few days, because I know that a lot of people are going to get sick after Thanksgiving,” he added.

Today is Dr. Varon’s 251st continuous day of working due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

He said that he is “running out of fumes” but he “can't get a day off, because nobody cares for the patients that I can care for.” 

He said that he sees people who still do not listen to guidelines. “You go outside, and it's like nothing has happened. People are out there, restaurants, bars, I mean, just name it," he said.


8:58 a.m. ET, November 25, 2020

This Thanksgiving will be the first for American families who lost loved ones to Covid-19

More than 259,000 people in the US have died from coronavirus since the pandemic began earlier this year.

That means, for thousands of American families, this will be their first Thanksgiving without a loved one. Empty chairs at dining tables across the US are somber reminders of the pandemic's toll.

CNN spoke to some of these families. You can listen to their stories here.

9:28 a.m. ET, November 25, 2020

Another 778,000 Americans filed unemployment claims last week

From CNN’s Paul R. La Monica

People line up in their cars at a food distribution site at Lake-Sumter State College in Clermont, Florida, on November 21.
People line up in their cars at a food distribution site at Lake-Sumter State College in Clermont, Florida, on November 21. Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

The recovery in the American job market is still painfully slow. Another 778,000 people filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week on seasonally adjusted basis.

That was more than the 735,000 initial jobless claims that economists were expecting, and it's also higher than last week's revised number of 748,000.

It's the second straight week that first-time claims rose.

The latest unemployment benefits figures were released by the Labor Department on Wednesday, a day earlier than usual because of the Thanksgiving holiday. 

The report also showed that continued jobless claims, which include people who have applied for benefits for at least two weeks in a row, was 6.1 million on a seasonally adjusted basis. That was down from the previous week.

And 4.5 million more people had received Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) benefits from the government as of the week of Nov. 7. There is a two-week lag with PEUC data.

Overall, more than 20.4 million Americans were still receiving some form of unemployment benefits as of Nov. 7.

8:32 a.m. ET, November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving air travel expected to remain strong despite CDC warning

From CNN’s Pete Muntean

Travelers walk at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, on November 24.
Travelers walk at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, on November 24. Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Thanksgiving week air travel is expected to remain strong enough to set a pandemic era-record, despite urging from federal health officials to spend the holiday at home, according to Transportation Security Administration spokesperson Andy Post.  

The agency receives passenger information from the airlines as part of its screening responsibilities, and the data do not show widespread cancelations in recent days, Post said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended last week that Americans do not travel for Thanksgiving to prevent coronavirus spread.

Approximately 4.8 million people have boarded airplanes since that warning. More than 900,000 passed through security at America’s airports on Tuesday, the TSA said.  

Officials still expect Sunday – when everyone heads home from their holiday travels – to be the busiest day travel since the pandemic began.